Co-Ed Camp for Athletes - Just $199 Per Camp 
JUNE 5 - JULY 7 or  JULY 10 - AUG 11
JUNE 5,7,9,12
SESSION 1:  To the Rescue - with Esteban Estrella
Learn the best warm-up exercises that get your muscle's functioning at an optimal level
JUNE 14,16,9,21
SESSION 2:  More Powerful than a Locomotive - with Adam Dobrez
Learn how to train safely, efficiently and get stronger!
JUNE 23,26,28,30
SESSION 3:  Leap Tall Buildings in a Single Bound - with Jesse Ochs
Learn Plyometrics with a focus on speed, agility and quickness.
JULY 3,5,7
SESSION 4:  Faster than a Speeding Bullet - with Ignacio Malpica
A focus on Speed and Conditioning
NEXT CAMP starts JULY 10th-AUG 11th

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Ignacio Malpica, Jesse Ochs, Esteban Estrella, Adam Dobrez