Fitness Classes

Fitness Class Descriptions
*=Found only at Mountains Edge

Above the Belt: A quick and effective sculpting class for back, belly, and arms.

ABsolute Core: Back strengthening, abdominal sculpting, and stabilization exercises.

Athletic Intervals: A combination of cardio and strength intervals designed to help everyone feel like an athlete. (no choreography)

Body Lean: A resistance training class using mainly barbells with adjustable weights.

*Bump & Grind: A fluid combination of hip hop, striptease, and old-fashioned aerobics.

*"Caliente" Latin Dance Workout: A cardio workout inspired by authentic Latin dances.

Chisel: A group-exercise sculpting class using all forms of resistance.

Cycling: Come burn calories like never before without any harsh pounding on your joints. Please see our cycling page for a full explanation of classes.

Essentrics: This is a unique program that targets flexibility and eccentric strength all in one fitness workout. For average people this translates into a body that is energetic, pain free, strong and lean. It heals aches and pains and prevents them from returning. Easy to follow choreography.

Kickbox Bootcamp: Bootcamp with a twist! 75 minutes of dynamic cross-training involving a cardio circuit and fun with gloves and heavy bags. Come find your inner ninja! (no choreography)

Kundalini Yoga: Kundalini integrates movement and breath. Each class has a different focus designed to produce a specific beneficial effect for the body, mind, and spirit.

NIA: Neuromuscular Integrative Action. Inspired by dance, yoga and martial arts.

Pilates Mat: Our Pilates classes help develop strong core muscles, improve posture, increase your flexibility and your range of motion.

Strength and Balance: A resistance training class with balance challenges throughout.

*Total Athletic Conditioning: The perfect combination of cardiovascular endurance drills and muscular training. (Minimal choreography)

Yoga: Interdisciplinary yoga, many styles to fit many needs. Designed for members of all levels.

Zumba: Fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to burn calories and keep you wanting more!